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Having problems with your feet?
The neuropathy is one of the most common complications of diabetes and also less known.

Peripheral neuropathy can affect the feet, toes, hands and arms.

Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy may be numbness in feet, inflammation and tremors.

The bad thing is that the neuropaia beginning or have symptoms must be alert periodically checking your feet, not having seen a buried
feet with calluses, feet bruised, or discolored skin on the feet or cracked calluses and see but there is loss of sensation in any area of

Are still trying to get the way to heal damaged nerves in the feet for neuropathy.

At present the treatment to cure diabetes, aim to improve symptoms, to control blood glucose levels, neuropathy can be cured at an early stage.

We do not want you to come to the list of people suffering from Diabetes.

20 Tips to help you with diabetes. –

A. – Controlling blood sugar levels, although the nerve is damaged, avoid more complications especially in your feet, which can cause disability.

2. – Make an exercise routine periodically, this to help against obesity and ease the symptoms. And can exercise with a good routine aerobic or combined exercises with weights and movement.

3. – If you do not smoke can aggravate your symptoms of diabetes ..

4. – Drink alcohol in moderation.

5. – Make an annual review with your kidneys.

6. – Attend your teeth, wearing clean, visit your dentist at least 1 time per year, for this you check if you have swollen gums and if I can help you reach a proper diagnosis.

7. – Take care of your feet, drying them after bathing, hidratandolos cream, keeping a clean and short, if you find that your feet have calluses, you should not try to cure yourself, cut, or rub, let alone use medicated patches or special bandages.

8. – Use a good shoe for diabetics, comfortable and without that crowd the toes that is not cause irritation to some area of ​​your foot and then heal quickly.

9. – In holiday and sunscreen use reduces the time spent in direct sunlight.

10. – Go to a podiatrist at least 2 times a year, so check your
estene feet in perfect condition as when you have diabetes the skin becomes somewhat dry and sensitive.

11. – Wear highly proven treatment to help you relieve your symptoms of neuropathy.

12. – Go to the nutritionist, optometrist, psychologist, for all of them together will help control blood sugar levels and therefore lose weight.

13. – Use when you go for a walk or a bracelet medical ID tag.

Exercising 14.Vas to avoid wearing tight clothing as well as clothing that allows perspiration to prevent accumulation of sweat.

15. – Buy tennis zaptos comfortable in a tent is ideal for diabetics as well as socks should preferably be cause less friction for polyester than cotton.

Physical activity is one of the best strategies for staying healthy
and even in a good mood while you control the blood glucose levels.

Physical activity benefits in many ways:

a). – Upload self-esteem.
b.) – Low blood pressure.
c.) – Strengthens bones.
d.) – Cardiovascular function.
e). – lower cholesterol levels.
f). – Decreases body fat.
g). – Improves lung capacity.

To enjoy the exercises using diabetic shoes, comfortable and their function.

Take care of your feet

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